Mezcal Treasure Hunt (2013 Calendar)
Mezcal Treasure Hunt (Tesoros del Mezcal)

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On Saturdays visit the Pochimilco Market for a slow downhill walk with food tastings, games and an opportunity to mix and engage the emerging read write taste culture. The more you listen, the more you taste, the more you walk, the more you experience, the more you enjoy. Our next scheduled walk is Saturday, September 15.

The Mezcal Treasure Hunt walk is free and everyone's invited. We do ask that participants drink responsibly (sip slowly!), be open to learning new ideas, including languages (!). We're going to explore new ways of perceiving the world. Bonus points for those who bring small presents to the people we visit. It can be some crayons for their kids, a souvenir postcard or a photo of the vendors themselves printed out by you from our Flickr album.

If you take photos, ask permission beforehand. Upload the photos you like on Flickr and share them in the relevant Flickr Groups, including world crafts, worldmarket and worldfood. If you do not have a camera, bring a sketchbook and draw some pictures.

If you are on Facebook, mention the walk on your wall. Uploads are also welcome online Posterous:

Participants do not have to drink anything alcoholic. We welcome designated walkers who wish to learn about mezcal with us.

If you can join us in person, think about bringing a camera or smartphone (recharge those batteries!), notebook, gifts for people we're visiting (crayons for kids is a great idea!), your own personal jícara or an empty jug if you'd like to buy a few liters of quality mezcal! An umbrella is a great idea during the rainy season (June-September). Bring coins for street musicians and marimba players. Be generous!

If you cannot join us in person, join us online by tweeting this page, giving this poster a 'star' or adding the images to a Flickr gallery. Please blog, digg, Facebook and whatever else makes sense to you.

Meeting Point = Punto de Encuentro

Meetup at 1pm at the Pochimilco Market. It's critical to spend at least an hour at the Pochimilco to eat, relax and get in the spirit of the slow adventure that follows.


The downhill, 3-kilomter walk is tailored to bring locals and visitors together. If completed in its entirety, this is a 3-kilometer, slow walk from the atrium of Santo Tomas Xochimilco (Colonia Xochimilco) and the Pochimilco Market to Conzatti Park and La Cava, the Arquitos, Calle Allende's Comala Restaurant and Los Amantes Mezcaleria, Zocalo, El Jarcieria Oaxaqueño, Mercado de Artesanias (Folk Art Market) and Cuish. Please note that on any particular walk, we visit only a few of these locations.

The goal of this slow adventure is to better understand Oaxaca's markets, indigenous cultures, good food and the slow drink mezcal while developing digital literacy. For those with smart phones, we suggest logging into places via Foursquare. For those with cameras (or smartphones that take photos), upload photos to the group Árboles de Oaxaca (Oaxcaa Trees) and World Markets. As always, ask permission before taking photos. We are trying to build a high trust environment.

Be Generous - You can purchase small gifts en route and give them to the people we visit. Also please give money to street musicians whose sounds you enjoy.

Language - The walk should be conducted in a multilingual manner, including English, Spanish and the indigenous languages of Oaxaca, including Ayuuk (Mixe), Chinanteco, Mixteco and Zapotec. Bonus points for participants who learn how to greet and thank locals using the language of the locals.

Games - Learn the names the trees. Learn an indigenous language

Money - This walk is conducted free of charge. We ask that participants patronize the local economy. Vendors receive 100% of purchases. No commission goes to Ron or, though we encourage supporters to purchase Ron's postcards and magnets apart from the tour.

Post Tour Requests - Use the Social Web and share what you learned and what you enjoyed most.

Be present in your absence. How to participate if you can not join us in person

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Learn about mezcal, markets and Mexican culture


I am humbled by the awesomeness.
- Andrew Milan, January 2011


Improve understanding and appreciation of markets and mezcal
Improve digital literacy
Leave a path (footsteps) for visitors to Oaxaca
Make those not coming to Oaxaca City envious

    probando aguamiel
    Pochimilco Market (on Fridays or Saturdays when Senora Alicia sells aguamiel, pulque or tepache). Her husband Juan Hernandez sells mezcal to several restaurants including Comala which we visit later on.

    Llano Park

    La Cava
    La Cava, Gomez Farias #212-B
    Conzatti Park

    La Biznaga
    Arquitos, Biznaga Restaurant, Garcia Vigil #512

    Oaxaca @ 11.2010
    Allende #109 Comala

    1-230pm Lunch (on your own). Check out the great comidas!

    If you'd like to eat a delicious treat prepared with mezcal, try ordering pollo en salsa borracha (chicken in drunken sauce) or an aderezo de mezcal (salad dressing made with mezcal).

    Union de los Mezcaleros de Oaxaca

    apartado postal @ Oaxaca 11.2010
    Alameda Park, Correos

    Mercados Benito Juarez/20 de Noviembre

    Oaxaca @ 11.2010
    Jarcieria El Arte Oaxaquena

    January 2011 is the 50th anniversary of this store run by Don Nicodemus Bartolo Vasquez is attentive and a master of dichos, including "el que tiene tienda que la atienda, o si no que la venda."
    Tip - Check out the copitas de carrizo para mezcal

    Mercado de Artesanias (Folk Art Market)

    Oaxaca @ 11.2010
    Cuish, Diaz Ordaz #712 (between Arista and Zaragoza)

    Sunday Morning in the Oaxaca Zocalo @ 11.2010

    Extra Points

    FMM Walk Visits Bicicletas Pedro Martinez
    Visit Pedro Martinez!

    Late Afternoons/Evenings
    Los Amantes Mezcaleria

    Danzantes, Macedonio Alcalá #403


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    Saturday Slow Walk

    Slow Adventure Saturday, April 16

    Maguey Vegetables in the Market