Wi-Fi @ El Quinque, Oaxaca 10.2011
Wi Fi in Oaxaca

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Editor's note - If you run a hotel or restaurant in Oaxaca with wi-fi (wireless internet), let us know. Our only request is that if you have a website, please add a link to Planeta.com.

Wi-Fi networks are wireless signals controlled by a wireless router.

Allende #109
Great coffee and tasty food! (photos)

Café Los Cuiles
Antonio Labastida #115, Plaza Las Virgenes
Great coffee and tasty food! The sumptuous salads come from the Huerto Organico Arbol de la Vida. Located on the north side of Labastida Park. Website

Café Brújula
Garcia Vigil #409-D
Yummy sugar and lime cookies. The coffee is good!


Hidalgo #104-C, 132-9121, Colonia Jalatlaco
One of our favorite natural food stores has opened a cafe with wireless internet.