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Oaxaca's audiosphere is a delight to the senses - from chirping birdsong to marimbas and state orchestral bands.

Folkart fans, look for the Ayuuk bunnies.

Translating: One more reason to visit Oaxaca. Live music!!

Una razón más para visitar Oaxaca. ¡¡Música en vivo!!
German: Ein weiterer Grund, Oaxaca zu besuchen. Live Musik!!
Swedish: Ytterligare en anledning att besöka Oaxaca. Live musik!!

What impresses me are the efforts that support youth groups


lila downs

Live Music

Cafe Central
Casa de los Perros
Nueva Babel

Things to do in Oaxaca while Learn Spanish: Where to Listen to Live Music in Oaxaca

Orquesta Esperanza Azteca.

Blandas y Tlayudas
@bytband performing at the Benito Juarez Market @ Oaxaca 03.2013

Club Tamarindo

Pino Suárez 215 esq. Murguía

28 Marzo: Concierto en Mercado Benito Juarez

Max, the Accordion Player

Vibra Positiva

Wedding Celebration

La Chávez Special Band

la chavez special

Best of
Land of mescal
The colours in the streets of Oaxaca city are as vibrant as the music.

Los Chávez Special


Academia de Música
Xolotl #117
Prof. Isaac Gabriel Garcia Santos

Mayordomo Invita

Santo Domingo

Elsewhere on the Web

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Victor Valdes
Lila Downs music video of La Llorona.
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Fader working with Banda Jimenez of Teotitlan del Valle.


Un pueblo sin banda es muerto

La musica se completa todo


Organ Music Festival


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