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Blackbox , 5 de mayo #412, is re-writing its manifesto via the Morph exhibit. The idea came about as a way to expand the collaborative creation of objects with Oaxaca City's creative community.

The focal point of the exhibit is Oaxaca City's famous Central de Abastos. Blackbox founder Gustavo Fricke says that the Central is a microcosm where economic, political, legal and moral systems interact and the objective of the exhibit is to analyze this exchange from various points of view. More than 25 artists collaborated via photography, video, painting, printing, objects and design.

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Morph Opening (April 25, 2008)

Central de Abastos, Lista de Compras

Central de Abastos Ambiente


Central de Abastos
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Oaxaca has one of the highest emigration rates of all Mexican States. In response to this, Blackbox seeks to create a solid, high quality and creative handicraft industry that includes several communities in the creation of new products. This industry provides jobs in rural Oaxaca and therefore respects an ancestral way of life that was inherited through the generations. Every product is unique, breaks with the established and experiments with this form of creation. This is our revolution, our way to seek change with mud or paper pulp on our hands, sawdust covering our faces and weaving a dream thread by thread, a dream of autonomy, opportunity and freedom that is full of expression. - Gustavo Fricke

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