Monte Albán

Monte Albán

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La Tumba 7 de Monte Albán, legado zapoteca importante
Realizará INAH mesa redonda Monte Albán
Comuneros invaden el fraccionamiento Monte Albán


Monte Albán
Monte Alban (tagged)






Monte Albán Check In! Regístrate Oaxaca 01.2013 #unesco
PhotoSafari: Sunday, February 19

Background: What's a photo safari? It's a free event in which we ask participants to sharpen their photography skills and digital literacy. We ask people for permission in taking photos and take pictures that document the place, including shots of local trees and random reptiles! The second phase is using relevant social web, including Flickr Groups, Facebook events, Foursquare and other social web channels. If you cannot join us in person, you are cordially invited to use these same sites to like, star, favorite or give a thumb's up. Be generous!

Take pictures of ... Tomar fotos de
Ball court ... Juego de pelota
Trees .... Arboles
Reptiles ... Reptiles
Danzantes ... Danzantes
The view of the valleys - La vista de los valles
The monolith that looks vaguely similar to Han Solo sealed in carbonite ... Un monolito que parece Han Solo ensellada en carbonite

Learn = Aprende
Learn indigenous greetings in indigenous languages, starting with Zapotec and Mixtec.
Learn some of the history of Monte Alban.
Looking at the valleys below, figure out where the nearby towns are located.
Learn the names of the trees.
Learn where the ambulantes live.
Learn where the guides live.

Tips for visitors
Bring water = Trae agua para beber
Bring a hat = Trae un sombrero

Tips for nationals and foreign residents
Free access on Sundays if you bring your identification (credencial)

Learn words in the Zapotec and Mixtec languages Aprende palabras en Zapoteco y Mixteco
Talk with vendors on site and ask where to buy alebrijes ... Platica con los ambulantes y preguntarles donde comprar alebrijes

Bring your hat! Multilingual Monte Alban Photo Safari in Oaxaca #rtweek2012

Elsewhere on the Web
Oaxaca World Heritage Site - UNESCO


Buses leave from Hotel Rivera del Angel on Mina Street.

Hotel Rivera del Angel 02.2012


Historic Center of Oaxaca and Archeological Site of Monte Albán


Bike Ride to Monte Albán


Monte Albán

Elsewhere on the Web

Virtual Monte Albán INAH site with VR imagery of the site (Spanish)
Monte Albán Digital Media Archive (creative commons-licensed photos, laser scans, panoramas), particularly focusing on System IV but with images from all over the site, with data from a INAH/CyArk research partnership
View on Google Maps- With a short panoramic video of the site.


Monte Albán


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