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Mole -- rhymes with Olé! -- is a rich, smooth sauce and a chief component in many of Oaxaca's signature dishes.

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Mole Matrix

The most well-known mole sauce in Oaxaca is the black (negro) variety, which includes spices, nuts, and chocolate; made with chilhuacles negros, among other chiles

Osvaldo's mother's mole

Mole amarillo can be made with chilhuacles amarillos. If you can't find chilhuacles amarillos, you can use guajillo chiles.
Amarillo, es un mole de sabor interesante; con pollo se añade hierba santa, con cerdo va con cilantro, y carne de res con pitiona. Se puede hacer con chilhuacles amarillos. Si no encuentra chilhuacles amarillos, se puede usar guajillos.

Sierra juarez

Chichilo @ Oaxaca 07.2011
Deep Red
less complex than mole negro; has fewer ingredients, and includes chilhuacles rojos

De Cadera

El Mole de caderas es un caldo elaborado a base de carne de ganado caprino, tomate verde, jitomate, cebolla, ajo, chile costeño, huajes y pepicha

De Olla

Often I confuse mole with Mole de Olla @ Oaxaca 11.2011
includes fresh fruit, usually including pineapple


No chiles, lots of spices, after cooking add chiles güeros en vinagre (tangy)
animal gourmet

Pipián can be red or green and is made from ground squash seeds.

Cebolla, Pasa, Almendras, Sesame seed


Ciguesa or Segueza @ Oaxaca 02.2011
Made with tomatillos and fresh herbs, often including hoja santa or acuyo (sometimes called root beer plant in English) and radish leaves, among other greens, jalapeño chile


Mole - Ron Mader
Mole Week - Melissa Biggs

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Sustainable tea, coffee and chocolate


Eres el ajonjolí de todos los moles = Signifying 'metiche'






More than Seven Moles

The most well-known mole sauce in Oaxaca is the black (negro) variety, which includes spices and chocolate. To many Oaxacans, mole negro is the only mole. The other 'moles' are in a secondary class.

Beyond the black sauce, there is red (rojo), yellow (amarillo), deep red (coloradito) and green (verde). Pipián can be red or green and is made from ground pumpkin seeds. Less well known and usually made to order are rarer varieties, such as manchamanteles, castillo, estofado and chichilo.

The word 'mole' comes from the Nahuatl word 'molli,' meaning concoction, stew or sauce.

Tip: If the black mole is too strong, you can add a little bit of Oaxacan chocolate.




Segueza or Ciguesa

De Cadera

De Olla

De frijol



How to Make the Best Mole Negro
Señora Soledad can make any of the dishes that give this southern Mexican state a place among the world's great cuisines -- tamales, pozole, chiles rellenos, estofado, and the chili-rich sauces that have earned Oaxaca the name "Land of the Seven Moles." But her specialty is the granddaddy of them all, a smoky-sweet chili-chocolate sauce the color of compost on a redwood forest floor: mole negro.


When and where mole was first concocted is a matter of some controversy. Oaxacans like to claim the invention as their own. Another story is that mole was developed in a convent in Puebla City in the 1680s.


Mole is chocolate.

Fact: Mole negro includes chocolate (actually c), but you won't taste the chocolate as it blends with 20-40 other ingredients.


Tips on buying mole - Many restaurants and markets sell a concentrated version of mole. Just add chicken broth and a dash of oil.
Buying mole in the market? Look to the chicken vendors (expendios de pollo)
Tips on eating mole in Oaxaca - Inquire about your mole options.
Tips on purchasing mole - You can purchase mole as a powder or as a paste (that can be reconstituted with broth). If you purchase the paste, make sure to double or triple bag it for transportation.

Tips on reconstituting mole - tk

Where to buy mole in Oaxaca City

Pochimilco - Senoras Lucia, Guadalupe
Central de Abastos - Sazon Oaxaca
Mercado Sánchez Pascuas (The chicken vendors sell bags as does Rebecca as the juice stand)
Mole Juquilita

Where to buy mole near Oaxaca City

Mercado de Zaachila

Where to eat mole in Oaxaca City and nearby

Comala - Enmolladas
Zaachila - Comedor Denisse (Thursday is the big market day!)
Mercado Sánchez Pascuas
Tianguis Pochote Xochimilco

A few words about tamales

Mole is a popular sauce in tamales. It's easy to find tamales with mole negro, amarillo and verde. The mole negro tamales often are wrapped in banana leaves.


Si comes mole y no te manchas, es que no lo has disfrutado.
Soy el chile de todos los moles
Tu eres el ajonjoli de todos los moles = I am a meddling pain in the ass

Where to find other moles in Mexico

Puebla - Mole Poblano
Merida, Yucatan - Chimole
Guerrero - Pozole de Mole Verde
Estado de México, Milpa Alta - Mole dishes galore, even a festival
? - Mole almendrado (almond mole)

Where to find mole in other countries

Portland, Oregon - Mi Mero Mole

Chiles or no chiles
Estofado and Pipian do not have chiles. You can add chiles en venagre


Recent Events

October 3-21 Sexto Festival del Mole de Caderas, Huajuapan de León


How much does home-made mole cost? Mole casero at the Tianguis Pochote Xochimilco costs 200 pesos/kilo from Lucia and Guadalupe (as of November 2013)


Mercado Pochimilco presenta una buena selecion de moles hoy y manana: Andrea: Chichillo o Mole de Olla, Pipian; Fabiola: Estofado de Lengua, Lucia: Rojo; Irene: Mole de Olla y Coloradito . Fotos pronto en my Flickr!
2011 Facebook



Pastel Azteca

Similar to mole (but not mole)


Day of the Dead

During the Day of the Dead (Muertos) celebration, Oaxaca smells of mole. "Todo Oaxaca huele a mole. Todos tenemos muertos."

Ruta del Mole



mole de castilla mescalito
Verde Espinazo

Enmolladas, huevos sincronizados, pechuga de pollo en mole con arroz

Recent Events

November 26 - December 2 Mole Week (Semana de Moles)
At the end of November and the beginning of December, friends in Oaxaca are organizing a series of food tastings and talks focusing on mole. Mole Week: Semana de Moles takes place at various locations in Oaxaca and online via the social web between November 26 and December 2. Events are free and open to all.

We ask restaurants to prepare special meals with mole on the menu and challenge participants in using the social web to document the mole goodness.

Mole -- rhymes with Olé! -- is a rich, smooth sauce and a chief component in many of Oaxaca's signature dishes.

Participating markets and restaurants include Grupo Lula'a and Mercado Pochimilco.

2012 is the second year for Mole Week.

Mole Week is an unconference. It builds on previous successes including the the 2001-2013 Tourism Fairs, Chocolate Night and the Septehambre.

How to participate
If you are in Oaxaca, come join the delicious fun!

If you are not in Oaxaca, no worries! Be present in your absence. Seek out local Mexican restaurants and ask if they have mole on the menu! Reward them with a visit and by eating something delicious.

Via social web, join our event on Facebook, add a star to mole pictures on Flickr, check in via Foursquare and Facebook and start tweeting now (there's a tweet button in the lefthand column to help share the news). Hashtags: #OaxacaToday and #MexicoNow

Advanced: Chefs and restaurant owners are asked to put a special mole item on the menu. Let us know and we'll add this to the wiki. You are also encouraged to post photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube and claim your place on Facebook, Foursquare and Google. On Facebook, please tell us about the mole items on your menu using our Facebook event page.


  • Describe and translate what goes into the different moles on this wiki.
  • Offer suggestions of where to eat mole in Oaxaca and elsewhere around the world
  • Encourage the use of social web - blogs, Facebook, Foodspotting, Foursquare, Google, Twitter, YouTube, wikis - to document where one can visit in Oaxaca and elsewhere around the world for tasty Mexican food.
A finales de noviembre y principios de diciembre los amigos en Oaxaca están organizando una serie de degustaciones y platicas acerca el mole. Los eventos de Moly Week: Semana de Moles pasaran en varios lugares en Oaxaca y en linea via las redes sociales entre 26 noviembre y 2 diciembre. Estos eventos son gratuitos y abiertos a todos.

También pediremos a los restaurantes preparar comidas especiales con mole en el menú y poner como reto a los participantes usar las redes sociales para documentar lo bueno del mole.

Mole - rima con Olé! - es una salsa rica, suave y un componente principal en muchos de los platos de Oaxaca.

Mercados, tiendas y restaurantes participantes Grupo Lula'a y Mercado Pochimilco.

Es el año segundo para Semana de Moles.

Semana de Moles es una unconferencia. Se basa en los éxitos anteriores, incluidas las ferias de turismo del 2001-2013, la Noche de Chocolate y el Septehambre.

¿Cómo participar?
Si te encuentras en Oaxaca, ¡únete a la diversión deliciosa!

Si no estás en Oaxaca, no te preocupes! Se presente en tu ausencia. Busque restaurantes locales mexicanos y preguntar si tienen lunar en el menú! Recompensa con una visita y por comer algo delicioso.

A través de las redes de comunicación social, formar parte de nuestro evento en Facebook, agrega una estrella en fotos en Flickr, registrate en Foursquare y empieza a twittear ahora (hay un botón de tweet en la columna de la izquierda donde puedes compartir las noticias). Hashtags: #OaxacaToday and #MexicoNow.

Avanzado: Chefs y los dueños de restaurantes se les pide que pongan un platillo especial de mole en el menú. Háganoslo saber y vamos añadir esto al wiki. También se les invita publicar fotos en Flickr, videos en YouTube y reclamar su lugar en Facebook, Foursquare y Google. En Facebook, por favor explicanos acerca las comidas que incluye mole usando nuestro pagina pagina Facebook acerca el evento.


  • Describir y traducir lo que pasa en los moles diferentes en este wiki.
  • Ofrecer sugerencias de dónde ir a comer mole en Oaxaca y otras partes del mundo
  • Fomentar el uso de las redes sociales - blogs, Facebook, Foodspotting, Foursquare, Google, Twitter, YouTube, wikis - para documentar donde alguien puede visitar en Oaxaca y alrededor del mundo para conseguir sabrosa comida Mexicana.

Agenda: (Para confirmar, estamos esperando que confirman otros restaurantes, cafes y mercados. Los quien no estan en Oaxaca tambien podrian anunciar eventos acerca mole!)


Nov 27
Food, Health and Cultivating Communities (Online Zipcast or Google Hangout, 11am-12pm Mexico, keep an eye on @ronmader)

Nov 27

Nov 28

Nov 29
Meson Del Olivo

Nov 30

Dec 1

Dec 2
Leen Guel, Teotitlán del Valle


Rosalba's delicious mole

Mole Wordle

Holy Mole Week Nov 27 - Dec 3, Eat Something Delicious in Oaxaca Today