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The Mixtec

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One of our recommended things to do in Oaxaca is to learn a few words in an Indigenous language.


Piden consolidación de la Ruta Turística de la Mixteca

Here are some phrases from Mixteco friends Fidel Domingo Clemente Rodriguez and Tito López Hernández at the Friday/Saturday Pochimilco Market. Enjoy!

Mixteco-Mixteco (+ English and Spanish)

Buenos Dias
Good morning
Vaat te kuni
Buentos Tardes
Good afternoon
Kausi u ní cutagwinu
Ha Kuna Cando Yute
Thank you
Ta sha vini
Hasta manana
See you tomorrow
Det neh
Cando yu te
En una semana
See you next week
Det una kiwi
Noo una yu'u

We are speaking in Mixteco

Tito: Tiun davi
Fidel: Dha tnu nu thuu nudahui

Ta'bintió = Gracias = Thank you (Mixteco de Padre Uvi)


mixteco san pedro tidaa

Buscando a Tito

Me voy a Oaxaca
Kigna ñu dnuaa
I am going to Oaxaca
dnuaa - huaje
rogyo - cienega humeda
Huizache = Tnuyaca (Mixtec de Tito)
rogyo - cienega humeda
dihua - chocolate - chocolate
Muly colo - Guajalote en Mole - Turkey in mole sauce
Muly Tium - Pollo en Mole - Chicken in mole sauce
Muly Idu - Venado en Mole - Deer in mole sauce
Muly Ido - Conejo en Mole - Rabbit in mole sauce
Dhe ni ni zahum (day nee nee za-un) - Donde fuiste? - Where did you go?
Wuehe - A casa - Home
Ina - Perro - Dog

Tito's Mixteco

ido - conejo
dita - tortilla
ita - flor
kidi - olla
chaka - pescado
ichi - camino
nuni - maiz
vilu - gato
ina - perro
tichi - aguacate
tuli - atole
tuku - otra vez
kueñi - ardilla - squirrel
yodo - metate - metate
yo'o - mecate
yavi - maguey - maguey
kui'i - fruta - fruit
ya'a - chile - chile
chinduu - cerro - hill
andivi - cielo - sky
yuu - petate
yutium nú yukee - árbol del pino - pine tree
yika - canasta - basket
nuxaá - pueblo nuevo - new town
dihua - chocolate - chocolate

Me voy a Mexico
Kigna ñu rogyo
I am going to Mexico City

Ndakua'a ndo tee ndo tu'un ndo (Aprendamos a escribir nuestro idioma)
Nadakua'a Ndo Tee Ndo tu'un Ndo = Aprendemos a escribir nuestro idioma

Other Mixteco

Ndidi Kuixi = Pulque

Pinotepa Mixteco

Ta' bin dió = Gracias = Thank you
Na' cumi chú = De nada = You are welcome

Coastal Mixteco

Na ku’un va’a vita chum - Qué tengas una semana productiva - Have a productive week (source)

Ndidi Kuixi: Feria Regional del Pulque 2012

More Vicki

yu tu - árbol - tree
dute - agua - water
italá - flor - flower


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Aprendiendo Mixteco (Tnu´u Savi)


Descargar el libro "Memorias mixtecas". Recopilación de historias de la comunidad de Santa Catarina Ticua en Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca. Formato PDF

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Mixteca Alta, Mexico: The topography of Mixteca Alta results from the broad contact of the Sierra Madre del Sur and the Sierra Madre Oriental, two of the main Mexican mountain ranges. Dominant altitudes range between 2,000 and 2,500 m, with the highest altitude being Cerro Verde, or Nudo Mixteco (2,892 m). Soils are heavily eroded and original vegetation is restricted to small patches of oak-pine forest at higher elevations. Agriculture takes place in valley plains and hilly areas, but soil productivity is limited, partially resulting from the severe erosion and the lack of labour, due to intense emigration. The region holds the most complex geology in Mexico. According to the main themes of the site (erosion, culture and geoheritage), many of the selected geosites are related to erosionaldepositional processes and landforms associated with the intensive use of land for farming purposes. A number of geosites were selected to explain these links, including: gullies and badlands, mass wasting features, and palaeosols. Other geosites include geological contacts, plutonic and tectonic structures (dikes and sills, faults) and spheroidal weathering in outcrops. Two positive reviews of the internationally significant geological heritage were received from the IUGS.