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La Olla

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La Olla Restaurant, Calle Reforma #402-1, 516-6668, shares an address with Casa Bugambilias and offers regional and organic fare, has a cozy, relaxed atmosphere, good service...and is one of the few Oaxacan restaurants that attracts locals as well as visitors. Open: Monday to Saturday from 8am - 10pm.

On Saturdays fresh organic veggies from Huertos Bi Nisa are sold in the entrance 10am-2pm.

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Chef Pilar Cabrera, owner of "La Olla" restaurant and Casa de los Sabores Cooking School, invites you to savor her inventive and exciting cuisine.


They always have a nice menu of the day and it's a great place to meet for a snack or coffee and dessert.
- Valentina

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La Olla
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