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Since 1984 the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca -- www.icomexico.com -- has been a gateway to Mexico and to the Spanish language. The school offers intensive programs to students from all over the world in the lively cultural setting of Oaxaca. Through the years the institute has developed an organization that respects the social and physical environment of Oaxaca and Mexico by promoting responsible tourism

The Instituto Cultural Oaxaca offers different programs to Learn Spanish in Oaxaca Check them out at the following link
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Chocolate Night

DELE 2013
Interested in taking the DELE in Oaxaca? Check out the dates for 2013!

MAY 2013
Friday 24 May and Saturday 25 May.

Registration dates: 25 February to 19 April, both inclusive.

Friday 23 August.

Registration dates: 1 July to 26 July, both inclusive.

Friday 22 November and Saturday 23 November.

Registration dates: 16 September to 18 October, both inclusive.

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Instituto Cultural Oaxaca (メキシコスペイン語&オアハカ文化研修センター)

住所:Avenida Juárez #909, (951) 515-3404
日本語お問い合わせ先: ryota_kimura@icomexico.com

メキシコで最も有名なお祭り “死者の日” にあわせて、Day of the Dead の本場ここオアハカでは死者の日特別コースを開催致します。(2011年10月24日〜11月4日)
期間中の特別講演:Day of the Dead の専門家 Shawn Haley による死者の日を理解するための特別講義が Instituto Cultural Oaxaca にて行われます。(10月28日)
特別パレード&祭壇公開:死者の日の期間中はオアハカ各地にて Comparsa と呼ばれる盛大なパレードが街中で連日開催されます。また当時に各家庭には先祖の霊を迎えるための豪華な祭壇が準備され、この2つがお祭りの大きな見所となります!
もちろんInstituto Cultural Oaxaca でも特別コースに含まれているワークショップで自分だけの仮面作りを行い、私たちのグループとして、31日から始まると街の大仮装パレードに参加します!
また、広大な敷地を誇る Instituto Cultural Oaxaca 内に私たちは街中でも毎年有名になるほどの荘厳な祭壇を準備いたします!学生たちはスタッフが用意する伝統的なホットチョコレートとパンデジェマという特別なパンと共にこちらの祭壇をゆっくり鑑賞します。(10月31日)
詳しくは下記のYoutube動画を閲覧して頂けばと思います!また、なにかご質問、ご相談等ありましたら日本語お問い合わせ先 ryota_kimura@icomexico.com までどうぞ!

Chocolate Night @ 02.2012


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August 17:
Indigenous People's Week Handcraft Sale
Sep 8 Comida Oaxacalifornia (El Saber del Sabor)

2011: First Photo Contest!

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Feb 3 - As part of the 2011 Responsible Tourism Fair, Instituto Cultural Oaxaca hosted a delicious foodie event: 'A Taste of Chocolate and Fair Trade (Sabor de Chocolate y Comercio Justo).' Local chocolate makers and artisans will be selling direct to the public. There were short presentations in English about chocolate and fair trade and the opportunity to learn the chocolate lingo in Spanish, Zapotec and other indigenous languages.

A Taste of Chocolate and Fair Trade

Oct 25 - Nov 5 - Spanish Language Day of the Dead Program
October 28 Day of the Dead Lecture, Facebook
July 15, Pechakucha Night Oaxaca
February 24, Taste of Chocolate and Fair Trade

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