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Flickrmeet Oaxaca

April 1-5, 2008

Al que buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le cobija.


OAXACA CITY, MEXICO - Locals, residents and visitors shared photos of trees in Oaxaca the first week of April 2008. The innovative Flickrmeet took place April 1-5 in Oaxaca City with optional visits to nearby villages in the Central Valleys and Sierra Juárez. The event was free and a testament to the values of slow travel. An exposition of photos and book raffle took place Saturday April 5 at Comala Restaurant, Allende #109.

CIUDAD DE OAXACA, MEXICO - Gente local, residentes e extranjeros compartiron fotos de árboles de Oaxaca la primera semana de Abril 2008. El evento muestra innovacion y se llama un Flickrmeet ocuraba Abril 1-5 en la ciudad de Oaxaca con visitas opciones a pueblos cercanos en los Valles Centrales y Sierra Juárez. El evento fue gratis y muestro los valores de slow travel. Una exposicion de fotos ocure Sabado, 5 de abril en el restaurante Comala, Allende #109.


Keep it simple! Take photos of Oaxaca trees and upload them to the Flickr group Árboles de Oaxaca Group.

Flickrmeets provide an opportunity for members of Flickr to get together. Activities are arranged on the the week of the event. For details, consult the poster and keep an eye on this page. Meeting points will be announced on this page, so bookmark this page or subscribe to the RSS feed.

The 2008 Oaxaca Flickrmeet was an informal event to document the environmental and cultural diversity of Oaxaca.


Tuesday, April 1 -- Find the ahuehuete tree at old train station featured in the Curtiduria map by Francisco Verástegui. Map available at Amate Books, Macedonio Alcalá #307. Meeting point: old train station, 11am.
Wednesday, April 2 - Ahuehuete tree count in Santa Maria del Tule (includes visits to Ayuuk and Caldo de Piedra). Meeting point: Ayuuk, 11am.
Thursday, April 3 - Photo Safari in the Llano Park. Competition includes finding all trees native to Australia and the trees planted by Morelos y Pavon. Meeting point: monument to Benito Juárez, 4pm
Friday, April 4 - Look for Tito and Lucia. Tito makes the pine needle baskets at the Pochote Market and Lucia makes the delicious chocolates across the street at the Antiguo Seminario. The crafts and food are made from trees and the markets both feature notable trees featured in the Curtiduria map. Meeting point: Pochote Market/Multio Bio Market, 11am. Video
Saturday, April 5 - Exposición de Fotos, Comala, Allende #109.


Oaxaca's Flickrmeet is a spin-off of the 2008 Rural Tourism Fair. The event's most viewed YouTube video showed travelers walking around the town of Santa María del Tule in search of ahuehuetes. This video has been seen more than 2,000 times.

The Flickr group Árboles de Oaxaca was created in 2007 and as of March 2008 has 36 members and 103 photos. The group was created to document the historic and notable trees featured in the map created by Francisco Verastegui and other trees in the state of Oaxaca.


The Oaxaca Flickrmeet is promoted via the Forum on Latin American Forests (FOLAF) which publishes original features, highlights research and develops cross-border networking and information sharing. FOLAF has two key objectives:
1) Improve awareness of forestry issues by publishing original materials and by updating resource guides with links to recommended resources elsewhere on the Web.
2) Improve awareness of the synergies between forestry and tourism. Ecotourism is a 'non-timber product' that can be a complementary asset to forestry.


By participating in this event -- either in person or by watching the photos and videos online -- answer the following questions:

What trees are blooming in April?
What trees are originally from Australia?
What trees were planted by notable Mexican leaders?
Where can you buy fair trade coffee in Oaxaca City?
Where can you visit community forestry initiatives?
What is the legacy of Gregorio Chávez?
What are the lions made of in Llano Park?


Photos are welcome in the following groups:

Arboles de Oaxaca (Oaxaca Trees)

Forum on Latin American Forests

World Trees


EVERYONE - Pick up your free map of historic and notable trees of Oaxaca City at Amate Books, Macedonio Alcalá #307.

VISITORS - Check out places to stay ... and eat!


POSTER - Download the free poster online

VIDEO - Rate the video on YouTube


Follow the trees to the Oaxaca Flickrmeet


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