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Fundación En Vía -- -- is a non-profit organization combining the power of microfinance with the power of tourism to fight poverty in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Tours run every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Thursdays 1 pm–7 pm
Saturdays 9 am–4 pm

Please contact us at to sign up, or to find out which towns we are visiting on a specfic date.

Based in Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico, Funacion En Via runs socially responsible, day-long microfinance tours to the Zapotec town of Teotitlán del Valle, San Jeronimo Tlacochahuaya, San Sebastian Abasolo, Santo Domingo Tomaltepec, Santa Maria Guelace and San Miguel del Valle, all of them in the Tlacolula valley. Visitors get to meet the women who have received for micro-loans and get to have a first-hand conversation.

Participants learn about the town, the women's lives and the businesses - which could be anything from weaving the beautiful rugs to raising chickens, making tortillas or selling flowers in the market. At the end of the tour, 100% of the tour fee goes as an interest-free micro-loan to the families visited.

Says Carlos Topete: "We have to embrace the communities through economic assistance - by offering English classes and business training."


2015 - Hall of Fame on TripAdvisor for winning the Certificate of Excellence 5 years in a row.
2013 Top 10% of all Business Worldwide on TripAdvisor

Hangout (October 23, 2013)

August 2014

Buscando voluntarios

Volunteer positions currently available with
Fundación En Vía:

English Program Volunteer Coordinator

The Coordinator will help us to build and manage our new program providing free English classes to women and children in Teotitlán del Valle. The Coordinator will be responsible for recruiting, managing and training volunteer teachers, developing our English curriculum, and working with the rest of the En Vía program to maximize the impact we can have in the town.

English Tutors

We are looking for a team of smart, dedicated volunteers to help build our new program that provides free English classes to women and children in Teotitlán del Valle.

Program Manager

The Program Manager will be responsible for ensuring that we are running tours at maximum capacity, ensuring the smooth operation of the tours, recruiting and communicating with our alumni base to leverage their participation in the program, and recruiting and overseeing volunteers.


Students from around the world are invited to apply for an En Vía internship.


Why we are doing this
We have been working since 2008 to help women around Oaxaca get themselves and their families out of poverty - and to give travelers a first-hand look at development as well as a unique cultural exchange with the strong, hopeful and proud women living in the villages where we work. En Vía was born out of a need to solve two basic problems people living in poverty face in Oaxaca: the interest rates on credit here, and the challenge of getting tourist money to the people who need it most.

What our tour alumni are saying
Travelers from around the world have had the chance to connect with local women, see microfinance and development first-hand, and give back to the community in a meaningful way. Read what our tour alumni are saying on the TripAdvisor Reviews of Fundación En Vía.

We need your help!
Fundación En Vía is a small non-profit organization working to fight poverty around Oaxaca by connecting travelers from around the world with strong, hopeful women living in poverty in the area, and by matching tourism with microfinance in a powerful combination. We need your help reaching more women and more families with this unique, powerful approach! Click here to find out how you can help -

    Visit us at online at

    Or stop by our office at The Instituto Cultural Oaxaca:
    Avenida Juárez #909
    Colonia Centro, 
    Oaxaca, México

    We are located right in the Center of Oaxaca - inside the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, at the corner of Niños Héroes de Chapultepec and Avenida Juárez. If you need to ask for directions, many locals know the Instituto as the ¨Casa Chata¨.

    Recent Events

    Exposición Fotográfica - Mujeres del Valle, Microcrédito en Acción

    Thursday 1PM - 7 PM Joining the 2012 Responsible Tourisms Week We are Hosting a Tour to San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya

    The Taste of Chocolate & Fair Trade

    Fundación En Vía English Wiki
    We started our Free English Classes program for artisans of Teotitlan del Valle and their children and thanks to dozens of volunteers who have gone to Teotitlan started to developed this wiki to document the programs that Fundación En Vía is providing. Apart from the documentation of our English program the idea of creating this wiki to share with all of those involved in providing free English classes the material the volunteers of Fundación En Vía have developed. Check out English Wiki

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    Microfinance brings smiles to these beautiful faces of Oaxaca
    Creating Community Through Volunteering in Oaxaca, Mexico

    NYT 36 Hours: Oaxaca

    Women ‘On the Path’ to Development: Fundación En Vía
    An article about our work has been published by Eye See Media, a fantastic website with stories from around the world that rarely get heard enough. We are so happy to see En Via's borrowers shining out there in view. A big thank you Darcie at EyeSee Media for hearing the stories of our borrowers.

    Women Entrepreneurs of Oaxaca (Guest Post)
    The Hoop Fund published an article Kevin Adler & Elizabeth M. Rojo wrote during their time working in Oaxaca, Mexico. In the piece, Rojo and Adler discuss some of the challenges facing the industrious women tapete-weavers they worked with as a co-organizer and teacher of business classes through Fundación En Vía, a micro-lending nonprofit based Oaxaca.

    Recent Events
    July 14 - Casa de la Ciudad, 6pm

    "Tierra de Diosas" was a photo exhibition organized by Fundación En Via in which both local and international photographers will be exposing images about Teotitlán and the women who live in this town located right in the middle of the Valles Centrales of Oaxaca.

    The pictures shown at the exhibition were sold withl the income from these pictures will be donated to Fundación En Vía in order to keep on supporting women and their businesses in Teotitlán.

    Café Central hosted "Noche En Vía,"a night to raise funds that will provide interest-free micro-loans to women living in poverty in Oaxaca. It is a night to learn about micro-finance and the impact it is having on your community, meet the some of women we work with and enjoy live music with old friends and new acquaintances. The night begins at 9 p.m. and Café Central will be donating all covers before 1 a.m to En Vía. Donation: $40 pesos.

    Responsible Tourism
    I'd like to pose the question of the day: How does Fundación en Via solicit local input? What should visitors know about the behind the scenes work that has gone into the development of a particular tour?

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    Fundación En Vía Our MF program was built from the suggestions and input of the women. We have focused our energy into building integrated programs within communities to strengthen and deepen our relationships. Spending quality time each week with the communities allows us to understand and speak to them about their concerns and interests. In response to their request, we recently started computer classes. Now about those tours...about an hour ago · Unlike · external image drP8vlvSl_8.gif

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    Fundación En Vía Thanks to the close relationships that Fundación En Via and it's members have developed the women feel confident enough to share their ideas, needs and challenges one of them being a market place to sell their handcrafts in response to their requested we have organized with the help of other institutions and volunteers Fair trade expo's.

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    Fundación En Vía Thanks to our Tour and Volunteering program some of the women of our program have found market opportunities to export their rugs to other countries

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    Fundación En VíaIn regards to your question about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into tours, I would say that the foundation for sustainable exchange lies in the strength of our relationships with the communities in which we work. Women come to us with the confidence that the program is working well for their mother, sister, or friend who encouraged them to get involved. They are interested and ready to improve or start a business. From the beginning, our borrowers know that their loans come from tour donations. The discussions we have on our tours challenge them to plan and think about the ways they are going to improve and invest in their business, but they also give the women a platform to speak confidently about their skills, ideas, and accomplishments. This exchange is sustainable because the presence of tourists is both financially helpful and empowering for our borrowers. In addition, travelers have the chance to learn about local culture and the positive impacts of microfinance.

    Testimonial and Nomination for Responsible Tourism Awards @ Ron Mader

    I would like to nominate Envia for this year's Responsible Tourism Awards.

    Envia deserves to the win in the 'Best for Poverty Reduction' category as it assists local women with interest-free loans, practical financial workshops and connects locals with visitors on special tours. Oaxaca has twin storylines: Traditional tourism has grown stale and manifests a disconnect in which visitors are rushed past the locals and ridiculously high interest rates make growing businesses a challenge. If you don't have money, it's hard to get financing. Envia connects the dots and sets a new benchmark for responsible tourism in Mexico. I have had the privilege to co-host several grassroots events with Envia and it's a treat to recommend them for this award.



    Envia Presentation @ Oaxaca Lending Library 04.2011