Danza de la Pluma (Feather Dance)

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Danza de la Pluma is a re-enactment of the battles between the Spanish and the Aztecs performed as a series of dances in the Zapotec communities of Teotitlán del Valle, Cuilpam de Guerrero and Zaachila in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca.

The origin of this dance goes back to the spiritual and physical conquest of Mexico by the Spanish - La Guerra de Conquista. The dance originated in the town of Cuilpam de Guerrero where Martin Cortes (son of Cortes) celebrated the first baptism of his child. Martin played the role of his father and the locals played the roles of the conquered indigenous peoples.

In Teotitlán del Valle visitors are cordially invited to watch the performance held in front of the town's church during the town's annual festival in July.

Positions are filled years in advance, often with family ties. The 2024 Teotitlán group will be led by a Moctezuma who is 8 years old in 2011.

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