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One of the best introductions to a foreign culture is through food and drink. For many international visitors to Mexico, spotting a coffee plant or visiting a finca are memorable experiences. So are you ready for a real coffee break? Here is our list of recommended local venues for getting a good cup of coffee in Oaxaca City:

Good Coffee!


Hidalgo #104-C, 132-9121, Barrio Jalatlaco
This store showcases a variety of eco-friendly products and for its pleasant vibe. You can get a steaming cup of Americano or an Express or Cappuccino. For sale are several brands.
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Flickr - RM

Café Brújula
Garcia Vigil #409-D
Great coffee and tasty lemon sugar cookies.
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Website Cafe Brújula


Allende #109

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Café Los Cuiles
Antonio Labastida #115, Plaza Las Virgenes
Located on the north side of Labastida Park

my first cellphone (in mexico)
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Café del Borgo
Murguia #202

La Antigua
Reforma #401

Café Gecko
5 de Mayo #412, corner of Constitución
- Across from the southern side of Santo Domingo, pleasant patio and great coffee. Wheelchair-friendly! Located next to the Blackbox craftstore. access

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Nuevo Mundo
Bravo #206

Café Café
Barrio Reforma

Hidalgo #26
Teotitlan del Valle Oaxaca
Half a block away from the communitary museum in Teotitlan del Valle
Cafetería Dulízùn en Teotitlan del Valle abre sus puertas

Dulizun Teotitlan del Valle

Dulizun Cafe Facebook Page




Casa del Buen Cafe @ Oaxaca 12.012

About this directory

We would like to add links to the photo galleries and videos by the coffee store owners themselves documented on Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. Bonus points to cafes which work toward the social betterment of coffee-growing communities! We love to hear about sustainable practices!

About Mexican coffee
Mexican coffee ranks among the best in the world and Oaxaca (along with neighboring Veracruz and Chiapas) is a major coffee-producing state.

Questions for locals and visitors

Where do you get your favorite coffee?
Where's your favorite place to drink coffee?
Which is your favorite brand of coffee to take home?
How much does a kilo of coffee cost at the market, in a store? For international visitors, how does this compare with what you pay at home?

Questions for coffee experts

What certification programs are used in Oaxaca to evaluate organic and fair trade coffee?
What is the difference between fair trade and organic certification programs in Oaxaca?
What certification programs are working ... and who certifies the certifiers?

How are these programs viewed locally, nationally and internationally?
What are the recommendations for buying coffee in Oaxaca?

Casa del Buen Cafe
Classic store, but not so much in terms of coffee.

La Confianza


Oaxaca's traditional markets do a better job of serving delicious hot chocolate rather than coffee (though Cafe de Olla can be served well). That said, some of Oaxaca's best coffee is for sale at the temporary markets. If you are hankering for a good cup of java, check out the following natural markets. Here are some of the options:

Benito Juarez, La Confianza, Local #311


- Pochimilco: Features Tierra Nu-Van
- Raychote: Features La Maravilla

Arabia Café, Reforma #117, 515-9886, Jardín Conzatti,

La Organización

Escuela Militar #708, Colonia Reforma
- Comida española y cafe de CEPCO


There's much more about coffee on Recommended reading from Brewing Justice and we also have the online Conversation with Daniel Jaffee.



If you find a cup of coffee you really enjoy, take a photo and share it in the World Food and/or Sustainable tea, coffee and chocolate groups.

Café de Olla

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Café de Olla - Food Networ

Ruta de cafe