Volunteering in Oaxaca
Volunteering in Oaxaca

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We highlight two local volunteer projects during Responsible Tourism Week 2014: En Via and Oaxaca Streetchildren Fund.

Our next phase will be to upgrade the info about the work online this week, develop a collaborative strategy to share information using social media and to host a real-time, live-streaming video to share stories and answer questions.


It's time to talk honestly - warts and all - about volunteering and tourism.

It's time to address what we can do better and what we have done well. Can we learn from the mistakes about the mistakes made in voluntourism by travelers, organizations and the communities.

Our proposal: let's highlight meaningful discussions about volunteering and tourism.

If there's interest, we propose holding a series of face-to-face events with livestreaming webcast.

Suggestions please! Let us know where and when volunteering is being discussed in relation to tourism. We would like to call attention to examples of good practices around the world and ask who takes the responsibility when things do not work out. Let's collaborate and build the capacity to build capacity among volunteers and locals alike.


December 5 International Volunteering Day
February Responsible Tourism Week

Status Report

tk - situation of what locals need, what others are asking, trends and upcoming events

Places that can use volunteers

Estancia Fraternidad
Canica de Oaxaca
Centro de Esperanza (facebook)
Fundación En Vía (wiki)

Elsewhere on the Web

Volunteer Work - Transitions Abroad
Walking the walk: Volunteers and the Adoptive city of Oaxaca

Programs under $3,000



Ready to use your muscle?! If you care to help out one of Oaxaca City's natural products markets, visit the Pochimilco Market on Fridays and Saturdays in the Colonia Xochimilco and ask if you can help carry a heavy crate (huacal) or bag (bolsa) as the stands are set up (8am-9am).

Upcoming Tours

Fundación En Vía runs Responsible tours to various communities in Oaxaca such as Teotitlan del Valle, Tlacochahuaya, Abasolo, Santo Domingo Tomaltepec and Díaz Ordaz

Tours run every Thursday and Saturday.

Thursdays 1 pm - 7 pm
Saturdays 9 am - 4 pm

Volunteer (#rtweek2012)

Consejos - Tips

If you are in Oaxaca for a day ...

If you are in Oaxaca for a week ...
Fundación En Vía runs day-long cultural exchange microfinance tours to pueblos outside of Oaxaca to teach travelers about microfinance, development and life in Oaxaca, and to provide funding for our interest-free micro-loans.

By participating with Fundación En Vía, you will be giving 100% of your tour fee or donation as an interest-free microloan to women who can then use it to expand their businesses and improve their lives.

Fundación En Vía Tours
If you are in Oaxaca for a month ...
Volunteer at Fundación En Vía's English Lessons in Teotitlan del Valle. Since 2010 Fundación En Vía provides English Classes to artisans and their children with aims to give another tool when selling the beautiful rugs they weave.