Tlayuda @ Pochimilco 09.2011

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Tlayudas are a signature food item on the Oaxaca menu. These are thick corn pancakes, larger than tostadas (30+ centimeters in diameter) and usually topped with pork lard, beans and cheese and sometimes cabbage, avocado and tomatoes.

Popular name: the 'Oaxacan Pizza.'

Tip: Ask for the tlayuda 'bien tostada' so that it breaks up in multiple parts

Tip - If you want a vegetarian diet, ask the waiter to hold the lard (asiento). The exception are the tlayudas prepared with vegetable oil at the Friday/Saturday Pochimilco Market.


July Feria de la Tlayuda, San Antonio de la Cal

Favorite Markets

Mercado Sanchez Pascuas - Look for Carmen and Lucia
Mercado Pochimilco - Look for Fabiola

Checking Out

I love Tlayudas

Favorite Food Stands

Tlayudas Libre, 9pm-4am Calle Libres
Antojitos Doña Cristi, Parque Llano, afternoons-early evening
Tlayudas Del Negro


Gobierno de Oaxaca, Recibe Tlayuda Más Grande del Mundo


Olga, Oswaldo and Guadalupe at the Fair

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