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Tamales have a filling (chicken, pork, beans, mushrooms). If you are not certain, ask before you bite!

The filling is wrapped in a corn mixture and steamed in either corn husks or banana leaves.

Varieties served with chicken include verde, amarillo, mole and rajas. Veggie options include frijoles (bean), dulce (sweet) and chepil (a local herb).

On the coast, iguana-filled tamales are a local favorite. Tamales are frequently served in the morning, but they are good for any meal.

Most tamales are sold from food carts or vendors on the street and the traditional markets. They are also on the restaurant menu.

Tip for visitors: Tamales make great presents, not so much for carrying home in luggage but for taking asap to friends in Oaxaca. Support the local economy and good food by purchasing tamales as a gift!

Tamale Hunter

Sanchez Pascuas Market - Tamales Cande, everyday, 8am-noon
Merced Market: Tamales Oaxaqueños Geno Venustiano Carranza 211, Col. Fernando Gomez Sandoval Telefono 515 1985/951 1870591 Facebook
Conzatti Park - Tamales Gloria, Monday-Friday, 8am-9am, Mondays and Fridays feature more options Photo , Sign YouTube,
Cel: 044 951 1101 5901
Pochimilco - Tamales de hongos, Fridays, 9am-2pm, Tamales (Ayuuk y Teotitlan) Fridays and Saturdays, 9am-2pm, Tamales de Teotitlán del Valle Saturdays, 9am-2pm
Abasolo entre 5 de mayo y reforma, afuera del hotel La Reja - Everyday, 7pm-9pm
Hidalgo and 20 de Noviembre (next to pharmacy), 6-7pm. Bean tamales
Tamales Mina, across from the Cathedral, evenings


Tamales Gloria

Tamales Gloria

Tamales Gloria (360) @ Oaxaca 10.2013

Buzzword Bingo

Maiz - Parrilla - Tamalera (the pot that is used to make tamales or the person who sells tamales) - Tamales - Tapa (Lid)

Village Festivals

Teotitlán del Valle - January 14: Tamal de Frijol, First Wednesday in July: Tamal de Amarillo


Frijol (Beans)
Rajas (Red salsa with Peppers)
Chepil (A mild herb)
Dulce (Sweet)
Verde (Green salsa, usually with chicken)
Morita (Spicy pepper, usually with chicken)
Amarillo (Yellow mole, usually with chicken)
Rojo (Red mole, usually with chicken)
Negro (Dark mole, usually with chicken)
Verde (Green mole, usually with chicken)


February 2, Día de Candelaria.


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Tamales Oaxaqueños


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