Avenida Independencia en Navidad Oaxaca 2011
Navidad = Christmas

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Barrios (Neighborhoods) - Calenda - Dia de la Candelaria - Esferas - Guajalote (Turkey) - Heno - Iglesia (Church) - Luces - Luces de Bengala (Sparklers) - Musgo - Nacimiento - Noche Buena - Pastorela - Pazle - Piñata - Pino (Pine) - Ponche (Punch) - Posada - Preposada - Puente Guadalupe-Reyes - Rabanos (Radishes) - Reyes Magos (Three Wise Men) - Tamales - Tejocotes - Totomoxtle - Vigilia (Vigil) - Virgen de Guadalupe - Virgen de la Soledad



Christmas in Mexico is celebrated between December 12 (Día de la Virgen de la Guadalupe) and February 2 (Dia de la Candelaria). Oaxaca boasts neighborhood posadas and the famous Radish Night on December 23.
La Navidad en México celebra entre 12 diciembre (Día de la Virgen de la Guadalupe) y 2 febrero (Día de la Candelaria). Oaxaca cuenta con posadas en los barrios y la famosa noche de Rábanos el 23 de diciembre.


Dec 8 Juquila - Virgen de la Concepción, San Juanito Church
Dec 11 Children procession - Llano park and Guadalupe church.
Dec 12 Virgen de Guadalupe - Llano park and Guadalupe church. The pilgrims start coming one night before.
Dec 18 Virgen de la Soledad - Basilica de la Soledad, procession at 7pm-ish
Dec 23 Radish Night o Noche de Rábanos en el Zócalo (2012 Countdown)
Dec 25 Navidad
Jan 6 Mexico celebrates Epiphany (the 12th Day of Christmas) with a tradition called La Rosca de Reyes. If you get a "Jesus baby" , you will have to bring tamales for everyone on February 2nd. The festivities commemorate the arrival of the three Wise Men (or Magi).
Feb 2 Dia de la Candelaria. Tamales everywhere.



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Christmas in Mexico's tinsel towns


Apazle and Musco come from the oak (encino) tree

Radish Night Countdown


Radish Night
Navidad en Oaxaca


Radish Night


Radish Night

Luces de Bengala are made with a mixture of sulfur, saltpetre, and orpiment. These blue lights were and still are often used at sea for signaling and illumination. They were also known as Bengal lights, probably because Bengal was the chief source of saltpetre.

February 2

Candelaria Day===
This is the official end of the Christmas and the Epiphany season.
Christ child from the home Nativity scenes are taken to priests to be blessed.

"El dia de la Candelaria" is the day of the Candle or Light, known as the Day of Purification. That day, the Nativity scene is put away with a party given by the person who got the Baby Jesus in his/her piece of bread during the Rosca de Reyes celebration. He or she will be responsible for making a "Ropon" or christening gown for Baby Jesus. Generally, they have a dinner with tamales

Here's my promotion of Christmas in Oaxaca with a slogan that sums up what I've learned in 10 years: Come for the Rabanos, Stay for the Totomoxtle

Noche de Rabanos (Radish Night) @ Oaxaca 12.2012