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July, International Mezcal Fair

Oaxaca City Treasure Hunt (in alphabetical order)

Cuish , Diaz Ordaz # 712 (between Arista and Zaragoza)
Mezcaloteca , Reforma # 506 - Flickr
Union Palenqueros of Oaxaca, Abasolo # 510
Mezcaleria Los Amantes , Allende # 107
Caminito a Cielo, extension of the Pantheon # 117
Biznaga , Garcia Vigil # 512
Los Danzantes , Macedonio Alcalá # 403
La Cava , Gomez Farias # 212-B
In Situ, Morelos
La Farola
La Casa del Mezcal, Google+
Opening soon?: Museo del Maguey (Tinoco y Palacios + Allende)
Mezcaleria y Pulques Finos Los Remedios Mier y Teran #201
Mezcaltitlán, Portal Benito Juárez Local 1, Zócalo. (a un costado del restaurante "Amarantos") - @mezcaltitlan

Arte del Mezcal: West Coast Tour of Ulises Torrentera 10.2015 @UlisesTorrenter @Insitumezcal @WahakaMezcal

Caminos del Mezcal

Caminos del mezcal una buena opción para el turismo de conocer todo lo que hay en este; podrás visitar los diferentes palenques y probar los mezcales hechos de diferentes Agaves Oaxaqueños, si lo haces por tu cuenta en tu propio vehículo, lo mejor será llevar un chofer designado así podrás darte vuelo probando todo lo que te ofrezcan si tu quieres hasta que sientas que vuelas por si solo, si tomas un tour con Bicicletas Pedro Martínez u otra Agencia que ofrezca esta opción no te preocupes sabemos de lo que se trata este camino!!!

Aventuras: Rutas del Mezcal


Mezcal Pool

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    In Situ
    Mezcal Cuish
    Mezcalería Los Amantes
    Mezcales Tradicionales de los Pueblos de México
    Mezcal From Oaxaca
    Wahaka Mezcal
    La Niña del Mezcal
    Real Matatl ~ Don Tacho de Mezcal


    Mezcaleria Cuish
    Mezcal Treasure Hunt
    Mezcal Comet

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    Multi Cultural Cooking Network on site at Wahaka Mezcal
    Dave Miller and the Multi Cultural Cooking Network with Cecilia Rios, La Niña del Mezcal

    'Father of Tequila' goes global - CNN
    Mezcal, Manhattan Meet
    promote mezcal in Oaxaca route
    destroys Wine Mezcal
    Mezcal Straight Up
    distort the word regular market agave - The Day
    The glories of Xochitl
    Mezcal: an ancient and sacred drink

    Cuish: Papalometl

    Papalometl (Nahuatl: maguey butterfly)

    New: Insitu

    Buzzword Bingo

    Hay que despertar la lengua un un nuevo vocabulario = We must wake the tongue with new words
    agave - arroquero - aroma - astringente - barbeo (pruning) - catador - copper still - craft - clay - beber (drink) - expendio - reed - chinguere - body - chagoya - cord - wood - processing - intoxicating - species - graduation - worm - gourd - maguey - mix - mining - butter - marrasita - mexican - agave syrup - maestro mezcalero - murcielego (bat) - orange (orange) - nieves (sherbets) - clay pot - Palenque - Cultural Heritage - maguey leaves - mayahuel - perlas (bubbles) - Pennyroyal - promotion - pulque - flavor - quiote - silvestre - worm salt - seasoning - slow food - scorpion - tepextate - tradition - a paste - variety Marrasita - 1/4 liter mezcal related: marrazo, hammer

    mezcaladulterado con agua–conocido como

    Buzzword Bingo: Sabor = Taste

    Aroma - Astringent - Clean - Complex - De la Tierra (Earthy) - Dulce (Sweet) - Fuerte (Strong) - Seco (Dry) - Joven (Young) - Metallic - Smoky - Oxidized - Peppery - Piquant - Rounded - Spicy - Sulphury - Tannic - Tart - Watery - Wispy - oody

    Peppery Mezcals


    The Mezcal Treasure Hunt, aka the Mezcal Walk is a self-guided adventure, best with friends. Bring your camera or smartphone. Check in via Foursquare and take pictures for Facebook and Flickr. The walk takes 2-3 hours. Stay as long as you'd like!
    La Búsqueda del Tesoro del Mezcal, también conocido como el Paseo de Mezcal, es una aventura auto-guiada. Trae tu cámara o un smartphone. Haz Check-in en Foursquare y toma fotos para tus amigos en Facebook y Flickr. El paseo dura entre 2 a 3 horas. Quédate el tiempo que quieras!


    Recommended Listening

    Can Mezcal Save A Village?

    The word “agave” means 'illustrious' or 'noble' in Greek.

    Outside Oaxaca City

    Mezcal Real Minero Independence # 2, half quarter, Santa Catarina Minas, Ocotlan

    Guide to identify Traditional Mezcales
    (Criteria established by the populations which prepares the Mezcales Traditional)
    1. Look on the label the words "100% agave", which means it is made ​​only of Maguey. 2. Its alcohol content should be at least 45% alc. And Up Vol. 3. The label must state population and Edo. of origin, type of maguey and mezcal master's name 4.Agita the bottle to see the pearl, if not many bubbles are observed, do not buy, unless it is a mezcal 55 or more degrees, in this case only form pearls while you stir. 5. Do not buy mezcal reposado and aged in barrels (recognizable by their color amber): wood destroying their finest flavors and aromas. 6. Rub between your hands a drop of mezcal to evaporate it, smell like cooked maguey. 7. Taste of mezcal in gourd gourd or beaker. 8. Pour the drink in one case to another to see the Pearl remembers the point 4. 9. Smell the mezcal before taking it. Find the fragrance you perceived by rubbing his hands, then find different ones. As you breathe in, close the mouth and proceeds to entreábrela recognize the smell, you'll notice the difference. 10. Take a sip and rinse your mouth 10 seconds without swallowing. let out fumes through the nose. Eat it and serves the flavors on your palate. 11. Take another sip, pass 10 seconds by mouth and savor it before swallowing. Tastes perceived returning from your stomach are the finest and most exquisite of mezcal. After a few minutes, your palate will be full of the cooked agave
    1. Look on the label the phrase "100% agave", Which Means it is made ​​only from Maguey. 2. Your Wealth Should Be at least alcohol, 45% alc. Vol or Mayor. 3. The label must-edo Indicate Population. of origin, type of maguey and mezcal teacher's name to see the bottle 4.Agita the pearl, if not seen Many bubbles, do not buy, UNLESS it is a mezcal aged 55 or more degrees, In This case only while you stir pearl form . 5. Do not buy mezcal reposado and aged in barrels (recognizable by Their yellow color) wood destroying Their finest flavors and aromas. 6. Between Rub your hands to drop of mezcal, to evaporate it, smell like cooked maguey. 7. Taste the mezcal in gourd gourd or beaker. 8. Pour the drink from one case to another to see the prelate Recalled in Section 4. 9. Smell Before drinking mezcal. Find the scent you rubbing your hands Perceived by, Then you'll find Different Ones. When vacuuming, shut up, and proceeds to Recognize entreábrela the smell, you'll notice the difference. 10. Take a sip and rinse your mouth without swallowing 10 seconds. let-through smoke out the nose. Serves the Talus and tastes in your mouth. 11. Take another sip, pass 10 seconds in the mouth and savor it Before swallowing. Perceives Returning from your stomach flavors are the MOST exquisite fine mezcal. A Few minutes after, your palate will be Imbued With The cooked agave

    Brands = Marcas

    Rey Zapoteco
    De la Vega Cuish Mezcal Real Minero
    El Cortijo


    Mezcal Tours - mezcal_oaxaca

    Previous Events

    January 2010, Cheese and Mezcal Tasting, Bugambilias July 2009 , Comala


    tamarind - smooth mezcal: Tobala, quixe
    strawberries, mango, sapodilla - mezcal strong: mining, sprat, roqueño, Mexican green stalk


    Mezcal is the slow drink item on the menu . Keep an eye on this page for details about treasure hunts and other delicious events.

    Tip: Mezcal is not one thing = Mezcal no es una cosa

    FYI: Hummingbirds and bats (colibris y murcielegos) pollinate the wild agave.


    Union Palenqueros

    Source - Type of agaves Production - Number ... Distillation in clay pots, copper alambriques How many generations have worked on it? Where is the water?
    Source - Espadin, quixe, Tobala
    less - Mexican barrel arroqueño Production - 700 liters / month (personal) Distillation in clay pots, copper alambriques How many generations have worked on it? - 5 generations Where is the water? - Well Spring

    Is it possible to plant magueyes silvestres?

    Double check AIRLINE PASSENGERS - Which mezcal can be brought online?

    April 23 El Lenguaje Del Mezcal with Bricia Lopez and Erick AlmaMezcalera Rodriquez at Guelaguetza Restaurant in Los Angeles will be a great evening of comida, mezcal and education. Guelaguetza, Wahaka Mezcal and Fundación Agaves Silvestres proudly present a tasting of our "Vino de Mezcal" Series 2012. Erick "Almamezcalera" Rodriguez, the man behind Mezcatour and a renowned expert on mezcal history and production will walk us through the distillation process of each of these 7 ultra-rare mezcales made in four different states of Mexico.
    Ticket price includes the seminar, a family style Oaxacan feast provided by La Guelaguetza, a cocktail, and a tasting of all 7 varieties of Wahaka's vino de mezcal series.


    To celebrate, a condition never lose faith, open our hearts and serve mescal.
    - Jose Manuel Aguilera, El Mezcal, La Barranca

    Mezcal is a mystic drink, aphrodisiac and extraordinary, when drunk in the spirit awakens candidades reasonable, calm indifference, stimulates the imagination, erases resentments, accompany loneliness and makes the world look better.
    - Andres Henestrosa

    From the news

    Artisanal mezcal dies - News - The president of Communal Property Agency of Santa Ana River, which belongs to the municipality of San Lorenzo Albarradas, Ruben Molina Cruz, reported that about 900 people live in the production of mezcal. Planting and processing of sprat (maguey for mezcal), are the main activities of families. 'With 20 factories that survive do not believe in the COMERCAM'.


    Mezcaleria Lovers (Art and Tasting)
    Allende # 107 palenqueros union of 830am-930pm bacanora ( mescal sound) Percentage of alcohol- _% Al Vol Pulque sour taste

    Fuerte pero no raspa

    Embedded Tweets

    Santa Catarina Minas

    Pedro Pazcual Hernandez
    Felix Angeles Arellanes
    Benito Guillermo

    Alicia Martinez

    Names of Mezcal in other states

    Sotol (Chihuahua)
    Bacanora (Sonora) Terms are slicing the maguey incongruous policy - licensing wines and liquors for sale in the city, mezcal? Questions How does one Distinguish to puree mezcal from One That Has Been Watered down? What's a recommended starter mezcal? Similar Made from the agave But without Any alchohol are pieces of cooked agave, a natural sweet (sweet natural)

    elsewhere on the web Agave Mezcal

    Fridays, Pochimilco - mezcal

    Sundays in Tlacolula Market Mondays at Los Flores Mead

    NEP (Zapotec, Santa Catarina Albaradas) Nopiyeti (Zapotec, Teotitlan del Valle) ... researching butter mezcal Monterrosa Francisco Morales, Union of Palenqueros Felix Monterrosa Rosalinda - Mezcaleria Quixe in palenques serve in bowls or reeds mezcal mezcal generates many jobs - Ignacio Martinez Garcia, Sinai worm plays when it rains union of palenqueros - 100 producers in 46 degrees minimum Monterrosa Cornelius author, Yesterday and Today Mezcal for centuries we value traditional mezcal. was the work of grandparents and great grandparents did not want to lose my language, my culture 200 palenqueros small in a state of Oaxaca there palenqueros more teachers working together within the same arena, so the number of teachers palenqueros is greater the number of runaway in the state. Pulque half (half liter) jug of 1 liter 3 liter jug

    mezcal bingo

    ¿How many are for drinking mezcal Ways? How many ways are there to make mezcal?

    horse Pottery In Different shapes in different ways-Clay Water Chile bull's horn Schapped bull-horn carving (Rarely in


    How do you say 'Mead' and 'pulque' in indigenous languages?
    What is the Difference Between an agave and a maguey?
    How to best describe mezcal?

    Rey Zapoteco, 300 pesos/liter?

    bajo los efecto del mezcal
    La Mezcaloteca

    Mezcal Walk 2012

    Sep 15 Mezcal Treasure Hunt