Noche de Chocolate

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Every night is chocolate night in Oaxaca.

Chocolate - the raw and processed foods produced from the seed of the tropical cacao tree - is so much more than its Wikipedia definition. Chocolate has a smell, a taste, a mouthfeel that awakens the senses. Think mole negro, chocolate con leche, chocolate con agua, chocolate atole, champurrado, tejate.

Buzzword Bingo

Bebida - Cacao - Champurrado - Chocolate - Chocolate Atole - Espuma

Prices for raw cacao
Pochimilco: 120 pesos/kilo

Ultimos Eventos = Recent Events (2012)

Feb 29 Chocolate Night = Noche de Chocolate = Gushini Nax (Zapotec, Teotitlan del Valle) =

Todos estan invitados al nuestra celebración magna de chocolate y su papel importante en Oaxaca y todo México y el mundo.

Si no podrian venir en persona, haz tu propio chocolate oaxaqueño caliente o un plato de mole negro. En linea acompanarnos con comentarios, preguntas o tradicciones de 'chocolate' en otros idiomas. Busca los grupos en Flickar y regala los fotos que quieres una estrella.

Para nuestros amigos internacionales, Intentamos hacer webcast con livestreaming video Miercoles entre 5-6pm




Feb 29 Chocolate Night = Noche de Chocolate = Gushini Nax (Zapotec, Teotitlan del Valle) =

Everyone is invited to our magna celebration of chocolate and its important role in Oaxaca and all of Mexico and the world.

If you cannot attend in person, make your own Oaxacan hot chocolate or mole negro. Please join us online, ask questions, post comments or help translate 'chocolate' in another language. Check out the Flickr Groups and give the pictures you like a star.

For our international friends we will try to host a livestreaming video Wednesday from 5-6pm






The Taste of Chocolate & Fair Trade

Conversation Starters

What's your favorite type of chocolate?
What's your favorite way of eating/drinking chocolate?
When was the last time you ate/drank chocolate?


pop-up museum
responsible tourism

Indigenous Chocolate

Learn the name of chocolate in different languages. In Zapotec Teotitlán del Valle, chocolate is called nash. Chocolate Atole in Teotitlan is called Ciab Guez and Bupu (Juchitan).

The Zapotec energy drink made from cacao and corn is called tejate

Expo de Comercio Justo Oaxaca



Oaxaca Chocolate Treasure Hunt

If you play the treasure hunt, let us know!

Treasure Hunt Rules: Think smart, travel slow! Give yourself a few hours (or a few days), walk around Oaxaca City and nearby villages. Find as many of these chocolate venders as you can.

Bonus points - Give those listed on the check list (see below) a print out of the chocolate treasure hunt flickr page. You can ask if they will allow you to take a picture .... which you can post on the World Food Group -- (Flickr membership required).

Extra bonus points - Buy some chocolate!

Chocolate Treasure Hunt in Oaxaca

Chocoluchy 10.2013

A Taste of Chocolate and Fair Trade

Chocolate Check List

Lucia (Chocoluchy) at the Pochote Xochimilco Market (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 9am-3pm)

Tejate from Olga and Oswaldo, Pochote Xochimilco Market (Friday and Saturday, 9am-3pm)

Mercado Sanchez Pascuas, 9am-noon

Estacion Market, Sundays, 9am-noon


Mayordomo Chocolate Store

Benito Juarez

20 de Noviembre

Hotel Chocolate

Nearby villages

Tejate Zaachila, Thursdays, 9am-noon

Bambú 12.2011

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Hotel Chocolate @ Oaxaca 03.2013

Chocolate Night @ 02.2012

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