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Some background. Editors share stories of slow travel, local events, responsible travel, ecotourism and conscious efforts to make the world a better place. Our community-driven wiki provides an opportunity to preach what we practice. There are plenty of ways to collaborate. Please contact Ron Mader.

Tip: Oaxaca is pronounced 'wa-HA-ka'

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Tiempo = Time

Oaxaca is on Central Daylight Time until clocks are moved to Central Standard Time

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If it is 4pm in Oaxaca, what time is it elsewhere?


July 25 and August 1, 2016 Guelaguetza
Nov 1-2 Day of the Dead = Dia de los Muertos
December 23 Radish Night = Noche de Rabanos
December 25 Christmas = Navidad
January 1 New Year's Day = Año Nuevo

Artisan Spotlight

2016: Year of the Monkey (featuring a weaving by Josefina Méndez López from @TeotitlanDValle)
Tejiendo el web: Obras Nuevas de Luis Lazo Mendoza #worldcrafts #oaxacatoday @STyDE_GobOax @TeotitlanDValle @MiMuseoIndigena @NativeInnovate @alexvillca

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Muertos / Day of the Dead


Flor de Muerto = Marigold

Buzzword Bingo (Words you should know and that are fun to know)

Acompañamiento - Agua (Water) - Aguamiel - Apaztle - Árbol (Tree) - Ahuehuete - Alcahuete - Alebrije - Amigos - Aqueducto - Antiguidades (Antiques) - Árbol (Tree) - Atrio (Atrium) - Autóctono - Auténtico - Barrios (Neighborhoods) - Biche - Biodiversidad (Biodiversity) - Blanda (Tortilla) - Bolis - Bolsa de Mandado - Bule - Calenda - Campo - Canasta (Basket) - Camino Nacional - Camino Real - Castillo - Chapopote - Chirimeteros - Chiripada - Chubasco - Chilacayote - Colonial - Comal - Comedor - Conquista - Consentido - Convite - Convivio - Costumbre - Desenmarañar - Equilibrio (Balance) - Fiestas - Fiesta Patronal - Fonda - FotoSafari - Garabato - Guelaguetza - Hojalata - Hojaldra - Huipil - Independencia (Independence) - Indigena (Indigenous) - Jicara - Jicalpextle - Junta - La Verde Antequera - Lona - Lonja - Kermes - Maíz (Corn) - Marchante - Marimba - Mayordomo - Metate - Mezcal - Microcredit - Mole - Mundanza - Muertos - Museo (Museum) - Navidad (Christmas) - Novena - Orfebre - Orígen - Padrino - Palenque - Paliacate - Panela - Panteon (Cemetery) - Pelte (Pewter) - Pilon - Pinacho - Rally - Reconocimiento - Sazón - Tamales - Tamud - Tejate - Tepache - Tequio - Temazcal - Tianguis - Tisne - Tlapalería - Tlayuda - Tope - Totomoxtle - Tortilla - Trueque - Usos y Costumbres - Verbena - Yunta - Zaguán


En riesgo turismo de Oaxaca por alerta de EU

Túneles secretos de Oaxaca serán atractivos turísticos
Ist Oaxaca die coolste Stadt Mexikos?
Featured Wiki: Oaxaca
6 reasons to visit Oaxaca
36 Hours in Oaxaca

Don Nico

August 16, 730pm Oaxaca, 530pm Las VegasCelebrando la Historia de la Jarcieria El Arte Oaxaqueño
Guest: Nicodemus Bartolo Vásquez
This week we are hanging out with Don Nicodemus, proprietor of La Jacieria El Arte Oaxaqueño. Please join us Sunday, 730pm Oaxaca and 530pm Vegas-California. Questions and greetings are welcome in English and Spanish. The hangout will be conducted mostly in Spanish with Ron translating a bit here and there. Oaxaca Wiki editors are encouraged to spiff up the pages you are working on. Bonus points for improving our coverage of folkart and mercados.

Oaxaca Market Project

If you love good food and people watching, the markets are awesome! It's not just about what you find in these spaces, it's who you meet. Markets are a great place to mingle with locals and visitors. If you want to hear indigenous languages, these public places cannot be beat.

We encourage you to learn about the markets before a visit. Intangible heritage of Oaxaca, we salute you!
Sanchez Pascuas -


Oaxaca is an extreme place. It does nothing lightly. The rains are scarce or so abundant there is flooding. Temperatures are mild or very cold or very hot, particularly by local standards.

Spotlight on the Pochimilco Market


8 Regiones

Oaxaca is customarily divided into eight regions (seven if you combine the Sierra Juárez and Sierra Sur).

Istmo / Isthmus
Costa / Coast
Valles Centrales / Central Valleys
Sierra Juárez
Sierra Sur

Cultura Indigena = Indigenous Culture
Learn an indigenous language!
- Santa Maria Ocotepec (Ayuuk/Mixe)
- Teotitlán del Valle (Zapotec)
- San Pedro Tidaa (Mixtec)

App for Mixteco de Sta. Inés de Zaragoza
Requires iOS 6 or later; iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch compatible

Otros Sitios=Elsewhere on the Web

Activities in the City of Oaxaca

Afuera de Oaxaca=Outside Oaxaca

Keep an eye on expos and workshops around the world


- Teotitlan Weavers

Things to do in Oaxaca - Volunteer


100 Objetos = 100 Objects

Anafre - Aretes - Bicicleta - Canasta - Comal - Diablo - Jicara - Lona - Marmota - Paliacate - Paragua - Peltre - Yaxtoots

Livestreaming Oaxaca


How did the Sánchez Pascuas Market get its name?

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Learn Swedish

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Oaxaca Treasure Map

Zinacantli Rugby in Oaxaca 02.2011 360 Black Border